Identity as a Service

Identity as a Service

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 30, 2020

ForgeRock Identity As A Service (IDaaS)
How A Comprehensive IDaaS Solution Can Meet The Challenges Of Tomorrow Today

ForgeRock Identity As A Service

An IDaaS Solution White Paper

Today, digital Identity means more than just capturing a username and password. It means how does that identity data become useful for other purposes, such as digital experiences and dynamic security. It means knowing that personal information remains secure and private. It means knowing that the solution you introduce today is both agile and future proof against the ever-increasing demands of tomorrow.

Yet, maintaining and developing a robust and secure identity solution takes time and resources most organizations don’t have. So, is Cloud the answer?

Read the white paper How a Comprehensive Identity As-A-Service Solution Can Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow Today and learn:

  • Roadblocks to meeting identity and access management (IAM) requirements with homegrown and legacy systems
  • What a comprehensive, flexible identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution should include to meet today’s complex use cases
  • How the ForgeRock Identity Cloud is differentiated

Download this informative white paper today.