• Shoreline offers automation solutions aimed at enhancing the dependability and effectiveness of cloud-based services.
  • Shoreline’s platform streamlines debugging and remediation, freeing up engineering teams to tackle higher-value issues.

Nvidia Corp. is reported to have acquired Shoreline Inc., a startup specializing in incident automation. However, neither company has officially confirmed the deal at this time.

Details of the yet-to-be-confirmed agreement were disclosed by a prominent media outlet recently, citing sources familiar with the situation. The report indicated that a deal was recently finalized, valuing Shoreline at approximately USD 100 million.

Established in 2019, Shoreline specializes in intelligence automation solutions aimed at enhancing the dependability and effectiveness of cloud-based services. The company’s software allows users to integrate observability tools and run automated runbooks, facilitating self-healing of infrastructure to detect issues within corporate networks.

Shoreline’s platform utilizes runbooks to automate the identification, debugging, and resolution of production issues, thereby reducing the mean time to detect and repair. The platform supports various cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services Inc., Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and facilitates script portability for seamless integration and management across different cloud environments.

Shoreline’s platform enables engineering teams to minimize manual debugging and remedial tasks, allowing them to allocate more time to addressing high-value challenges. Additionally, the platform identifies underutilized resources and implements safe cleanup actions to reduce infrastructure costs.

Before its reported acquisition by Nvidia, Shoreline had secured USD 57 million in venture capital funding through three rounds, as documented by Tracxn. This encompassed a substantial funding round of USD 35 million in March 2022. Among the company’s investors are Insight Venture Partners LLC, NTT Venture Capital, and Dawn Capital LLP.

Reports of Nvidia’s acquisition of Shoreline follow the artificial intelligence chipmaker’s recent achievement of surpassing Microsoft Corp. on June 18 to claim the title of the world’s most valuable company. With trading on major U.S. exchanges closed recently for the Juneteenth public holiday, it remains uncertain whether Nvidia will retain its lead over Microsoft.

Shoreline would mark Nvidia’s third acquisition this year. Earlier in the calendar, Nvidia acquired Deci.AI Ltd., an Israeli AI startup, for USD 300 million in May and reportedly purchased another Israeli company, Runai Labs Ltd., for USD 700 million in April.