Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Zero Trust

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Zero Trust

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 28, 2020

Cloudflare commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the impact of 2020’s disruptions on security strategy
and operations among companies of all sizes.

This Opportunity Snapshot survey examines how the understanding and adoption of Zero Trust security has
radically accelerated in 2020 and explores what security decision makers at 317 organizations around the
world plan to do to enable Zero Trust security architecture in 2021.

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  • How organizations around the world responded to the disruptive changes of 2020
  • Why businesses large and small experienced surprisingly similar pain points in the journey to enable
    secure remote work
  • Why 82% of organizations small and large say they now are committed to adopting a Zero Trust
    security architecture
  • What key initiatives they’ll focus on to enable Zero Trust security adoption in their organization in