Real-Time Visibility and Monitoring in Your Cloud Environments

Real-Time Visibility and Monitoring in Your Cloud Environments

Published by: Research Desk Released: Apr 27, 2021

Companies of all sizes are moving infrastructure and operations to the cloud for agility, efficient scalability and controlling costs. Modern cloud infrastructure is ephemeral and cloud services are distributed. While cloud architectures boosts agility, they introduce operational complexity requiring new approaches to monitoring.

In this eBook learn how to seamlessly ingest telemetry data, get instant visibility into your services and detect performance issues within seconds to reduce mean-time to detect (MTTD).

Real-time visibility
When the infrastructure is dynamic and ephemeral, you need to monitor it and be able to automate problem resolutions in seconds

Accurate Alerting
Leverage data science to continuously monitor and proactively alert on performance issues without creating alert storms

Splunk and AWS monitoring
Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring easily connects, automatically discovers, and accurately monitors AWS Services.