• Cumulocity from Software AG manages IoT devices, while Trend Miner is an industrial analytics platform.
  • StreamSets and webMethods platforms constituted integral components of Software AG’s core offerings.

Software AG, a privately held software company, is seeking bids from interested parties to acquire two of its software platforms. Additionally, the company is actively exploring alternatives for a third platform as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline operations.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the German-language Handelsblatt recently published a report stating that the company is looking to sell its Trend Miner and Cumulocity platforms. According to Handelsblatt, the business is also looking into alternatives for its Alfabet software.

Cumulocity, developed by Software AG, serves as a platform for overseeing Internet of Things devices. On the other hand, Trend Miner is an analytics platform utilized by industrial companies. Meanwhile, Alfabet offers tools for visualizing corporate architecture.

The report did not specify whether there has been any interest from potential parties in the mentioned platforms. However, it indicates that Software AG is committed to streamlining its business operations. This commitment follows the recent agreement to sell its StreamSets and webMethods platforms to IBM Corp., which was announced just ten days ago. IBM is set to acquire these platforms for a reported cash fee of approximately €2.13 billion (USD 2.33 billion).

The mentioned platforms, StreamSets and webMethods, constituted integral components of Software AG’s core offerings. The company, valued at €2.4 billion, underwent privatization by the investment firm Silver Lake LLC during the summer.

If Software AG proceeds with the sale of its Cumulocity and Trend Miner platforms, it would signify the company’s substantial divestiture of its primary business segments. Nevertheless, it retains ownership of a database platform named Adabas and Natural, along with a business process analysis and management tool known as ARIS.