In the virtual Open Source Summit, the Linux Foundation announced that SODA Foundation, which was formerly known as OpenSDS, is adding open-source software and standards to support data autonomy. The implementation will be successful only by hosting an open-source, unified, and autonomous data management framework that will help in data transmission.

Overall, the aim is to bring down the authority to control the data, no matter where it resides, such as on-premise, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud. The data autonomy approach will enable companies to become data-agile, so one can respond to sudden fluctuations such as data threats or data opportunities, without losing services or data.

The report says that there’s been a need for a unified open-source data management solution for clouds. SODA Foundation hopes to give a cemented solution to this problem. Additionally, China Unicom is contributing its open-source AWS S3-compatible object storage YIG project to the foundation. YIG is a line of projects that are a part of the SODA Incubator program.

The SODA Foundation also announced the release of Faroe, the first version of open unified data framework software for cloud-native and other cloud platforms. Faroe is designed and made to work in a way to eliminate data silos, integrate data management, and enable data mobility between on-premise and multi-cloud.

SODA Foundation’s Chairman, Steven Tan, while talking about the foundation, said, “It is a neutral forum where both vendors and end-users can contribute to building and integrating data management solutions for mobility and autonomy is our goal.”

“With data privacy and treatment at the top of every company’s priority list, the SODA Foundation serves an important role across industries,” said Mike Dolan, Linux Foundation’s Vice President of Strategic Programs. “With new membership commitments, from vendors and end-users alike, and an expanded scope to integrate software and standards, we believe this community will have an incredible impact in the coming months and years,” he added.

Rakesh Jain, SODA Foundation Board Member and Researcher and Architect at IBM, added: “Managing the data coming from heterogeneous sources and formats is an interesting problem along with the regulatory requirements. SODA foundation attempts to address these challenges in an open manner which would help companies build reliable AI-enabled solutions.”