• By doing away with manual vulnerability patching and enabling the creation of a single entry point serving as a proxy for all network protocols, Teleport 13 helps.
  • The Teleport Team plan, a cost-effective solution that improves access management capabilities while lowering overhead, will also be introduced with Teleport 13.

Recently, Teleport, a cloud infrastructure access management startup, unveiled Teleport 13, a new version of its platform intended to improve security and streamline administrative tasks for DevOps teams managing cloud infrastructure.

Teleport hopes to address the problem wherein cybercriminals are concentrating more on stealing user credentials and other secrets due to the growing complexity of cloud environments and their resulting larger attack surface. According to Teleport, organizations need help to balance speed and security due to pressure to expedite software delivery.

The ability to create a single entry point serving as a proxy for all network protocols and the need for manual vulnerability patching are two ways Teleport 13 addresses these problems. According to the company, this lowers the attack surface and streamlines remote access management.

The latest release includes new integrations, automatic updates, and transport layer security routing. Security teams do not need to track manually and patch vulnerabilities, because the automatic updates feature regularly conducts vulnerability testing, self-updating, and patching across the entire infrastructure.

As a claimed first in the market for infrastructure access, TLS routing in Teleport 13 now offers users multiprotocol access through a single network address. With the help of new integrations, Okta Inc. applications and groups can be imported directly into Application Access, and Amazon Web Services Inc. OpenSearch supports database access.

The Teleport Team plan, a reasonably priced solution that improves access management capabilities while decreasing overhead, is also made available as part of Teleport 13. Users who prefer the Teleport Open Source edition but don’t want to host it themselves can use the plan.

Co-founder and CEO of Teleport, Ev Kontsevoy, said, “With Teleport 13, we are providing organizations with a fully managed system hosted by us, significantly improving DevOps productivity and eliminating unnecessary overhead of managing infrastructure access. Now, DevOps teams have a more affordable option that allows them to focus on higher-priority activities instead of being bogged down with manual work such as patching vulnerabilities themselves.”