M and M Business Solutions, a small business financial services and consulting specialist, announced its collaboration with IBM Cloud. The company aims to implement IBM’s hybrid cloud solutions that will help to improvise its financial services offerings and customer experience for its small and medium-sized clients.

Before moving to IBM Cloud, M and M Business Solutions experienced multiple technical problems, such as frequent service timeouts and billing issues. These factors resulted in a loss of about USD 700 in revenue per hour per transaction, thus impacting its overall revenue and operational performance. IBM Cloud enables M and M Business Solutions to scale up on-demand applications in the future, without the need to buy and physically install new computing capacities or over-provision hardware to manage peak traffic times.

Implementing IBM’s “lift and shift” policy helps to easily migrate the company’s systems to IBM public cloud, resulting in a cost-effective, relatively fast, and minimally disruptive way to modernize apps.

A key consideration for migration to IBM Cloud for clients includes improving cloud security services, such as multifactor authentication, role-based access control, and unified hybrid security processes.

By pursuing a hybrid approach to modernizing its applications, the organization would also be able to reduce its on-site data center costs and problems, thus reducing its on-site operations and maintenance technology costs. Lift and shift offer a convenient way for customers such as M and M Business Solutions to switch applications that are most ready and ideally suited to a private or public cloud while managing other on-premise workloads. It can operate the systems together as a single, unified system, using proper management tools.

Tristan Ylagan, Digital Sales and Commercial Country Manager, IBM Philippines, said, “M and M Business Solutions proves that you don’t need to be a large enterprise to leverage cloud and benefit from it. The adoption of a hybrid cloud solution can also help them to launch new products, provide offerings to their clients, and eventually help those clients grow their businesses too.”

Michael Lim, Vice President of M and M Business Solutions, said, “Migrating to IBM Cloud has helped us to resolve our longstanding technical and billing concerns. We are able to do things we couldn’t do before, such as free-up resources to focus on services that differentiate our business rather than on traditional, mundane infrastructure services. We can now create value for our clients and provide them with cost-effective and flexible financial services and business solutions that are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Best of all, we now have the capability to create new and innovative offerings that can help our partner-clients future-proof their business.”