• Google is making AppSheet accessible in the Workspace Business Plus tier, the Education Standard edition, and a nonprofit-specific edition.
  • When purchased separately, AppSheet Core costs ten dollars per user each month.

The AppSheet tool from Google LLC will be available across nine Google Workspace subscription tiers for free.

The search engine giant announced that the Starter and Standard tiers of Google Workspace’s Frontline, Enterprise, and Business editions will soon offer AppSheet. The most recent edition is designed for users who do most of their business away from a computer.

Additionally, Google is making AppSheet accessible in the Workspace Business Plus tier, the Education Standard, and nonprofit-specific editions. Only three enterprise and education subscription tiers of the productivity package formerly included the tool. Besides, businesses could purchase licenses via a stand-alone subscription.

Google reported, “If you’re currently paying for AppSheet Core licenses, they will have to be canceled manually. Impacted customers will receive a notification via email in the coming weeks with more information and next steps.”

AppSheet was taken over by Google through a 2020 startup acquisition. Business users can use the tool to create desktop and mobile applications without writing any code. It also allows users to build chatbots for the Workspace-integrated Google Chat messaging service.

Companies use AppSheet to create applications that keep tabs on their everyday operations. For instance, a physical merchant could develop a program to track outlet inventory levels. A delivery service may create a program that displays unfinished shipments.

AppSheet-powered software can organize already-existing data and take in new insights. The customer service department of a business might develop a solution that enables users to submit product inquiries via a browser-based form.

AppSheet comes in various variants, of which AppSheet Core is the name of the version made available to nine Workspace levels. When purchased separately, it costs ten dollars per user each month. It lacks some features found in more expensive tiers, such as the capacity to incorporate machine learning models into no-code apps.

The upgrade is also expected to improve the Workspace administration console. New controls will make it easier for administrators to restrict how often staff use AppSheet.

Administrators can prevent employees from making AppSheet apps accessible outside of their organization, according to Google. Moreover, it is possible to stop apps from notifying outside users via email. The corporation will allow administrators to control whether employee-created software can access information in other systems as additional security protection.

Adding AppSheet to more Workspace editions may increase the tool’s uptake. Workspace had more than three billion users worldwide as of the end of 2022. Besides, the fact that AppSheet will be free of charge may help it stand out from most other low-code development tools available in the market.

The Power Apps service from Microsoft Corp. is one of those tools. Some enterprise editions of Microsoft 365, the productivity suite formerly known as Office 365, contain Power Apps. It is available for stand-alone purchase by organizations.

In the market for no-code development, Google and Microsoft are giving AI a higher emphasis on their product roadmaps. In May, the search engine giant unveiled Duet AI, a technology allowing customers to write AppSheet applications using natural language instructions. Microsoft previously unveiled a machine learning technique that gives Power Apps comparable features.