Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data center company announced an expanded collaboration with IBM Cloud to bring private and scalable connectivity to global enterprises at the digital edge via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric. The expansion builds upon the need of long standing requirements with IBM and Equinix, where the IBM cloud direct link exchange is deployed in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers worldwide with added Direct Link Exchange Provider. Businesses are using cloud platforms, and many of them are using the hybrid cloud strategy that is a combination of public, on-premises, and private capabilities.

A hybrid cloud strategy addresses bigger enterprises concerns as most of the applications will be able to move their applications on the cloud. With the need for different security solutions catering to the requirements of data protection protocols, availability, and cloud management. Making the deployment of hybrid cloud for enterprises, Equinix and IBM are leveraging the global ECX Fabric to provide connectivity to IBM cloud using the Direct Link Exchange, Direct Link Dedicated Hosting and Direct Link Dedicated.

ECX fabric is an on-demand SDN enabled interconnection service that will allow the businesses to connect with different distributed infrastructure that includes worlds largest network service along with the cloud providers on Platform Equinix. IBM’s cloud private interconnection service provides customers with a connection to their enterprise’s on-premises network or private data center to the IBM cloud platform. The IBM cloud direct link dedicated hosting solution offered within Equinix IBX data center provides space, power, and connectivity. Direct and Private connectivity for the strategic cloud services provides the IBM cloud users with required digital services that are set to fuel local services of edge. Interconnection between the enterprises, cloud, and IT providers is all set to grow by 98 percent through 2021, supporting the businesses building out new digital services solutions.