• DKP AI Navigator features training on D2iQ’s internal knowledge base, providing solutions to complex customer issues in production.
  • The platform allows DevOps teams to fix incorrectly configured clusters, deal with upgrade issues, spot YAML coding mistakes and traces, and fix system errors.

D2iQ Inc., a provider of the Kubernetes platform, recently unveiled DKP AI Navigator, a brand-new chatbot integrated with artificial intelligence that will enable businesses to close the skills gap in Kubernetes.

The natural-language AI assistant, pitched as ushering in a “new era in cloud-native computing,” aims to simplify Kubernetes management and make it easier for DevOps teams to solve even the most challenging problems. To enable businesses to use Kubernetes expertise within their operating environment, DKP AI Navigator makes use of the collective knowledge amassed by the D2iQ team in managing large-scale container-based deployments.

Training on the internal knowledge base of D2iQ is one of the features of DKP AI Navigator. The knowledge base is rumored to have answers for some of the trickiest issues clients encounter during production. The platform allows DevOps teams to fix system errors, deal with upgrade failures, locate and fix YAML coding errors, and repair incorrectly configured clusters.

The new tool is seamlessly integrated into the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, enabling it to manage your Kubernetes fleet effectively from a single interface. It is asserted that DKP AI Navigator’s training on DKP product documentation will enhance its function as a useful guide for people entering the cloud-native landscape.

Chief Executive of D2iQ, Tobi Knaup, explained before the tool was made available “As the cloud, AI and Kubernetes continue to converge, building an intelligent infrastructure is the critical foundation for organizations looking to adopt and leverage AI to power automation, decision-making and product innovation. DKP AI Navigator gives organizations unprecedented knowledge and insights that will enable them to more easily manage cloud-native Kubernetes environments and achieve the agility they seek in their modernization initiatives.”

D2iQ, formerly Mesosphere Inc., provides an open-source, pure-play Kubernetes platform businesses use to run cloud-native applications without vendor lock-in. The company’s platform can function on-premises, in the cloud, in an air-gapped environment, or at the network edge.

Crunchbase reports that D2iQ is supported by venture capital and has raised USD 247.3 million. Investors include Qatar Investment Authority, Koch Disruptive Technologies LLC, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc., Khosla Ventures LLC, and Andreessen Horowitz L.P.