Amazon Web Services re:Invent this week got CEO Andy Jassy talking about Amazon’s 47.8% cloud share market against tech giants such as Google, Alibaba, Microsoft, IBM, and others.

The tech leaders of Amazon’s cloud division highlighted a few aspects about Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the re:Invent conference held at Las Vegas.

Here is a glimpse of the same:

A) Based on a report by Gartner where Global IT spending is expected to grow at 0.6% in 2019, AWS has strong ambitions about the $3.7 trillion tech market and aims for growth to exceed the current cloud scenario. The company is looking forward to a myriad of enterprises to move their computing to the cloud and is simultaneously building hybrid technologies to operate cloud technologies on-premise.

B) At the same time, when Amazon eyes Microsoft’s core business IT market worth $3.7 trillion, CEO Andy Jassy spoke about Microsoft working against customer interest by applying new licensing limitations on its OS and databases, which restricts its software operations on AWS and other cloud platforms.

C) AWS commented on the lost $10 billion worth Pentagon deal against Microsoft, stating that it was not based on a pure merit basis of their respective technologies. This is the primary reason why Amazon is still in the fight and is formally challenging the bidding process.

All these reasons fairly charge up the escalating competition between the 2 Seattle-based tech giants. Well, not just the cloud (AWS and amp; Microsoft Azure), but the blaze is between AWS and Microsoft in the large technology market.