Let’s come straight to the point. Before we take you to the best cloud migration software for small businesses, you need to understand the field’s general terms. We are pretty sure that you and your team are well-versed with cloud migration, but still, it is never too late to explore.

Firstly, let’s understand the meaning of migration software.

It is a process just like moving from a small apartment to a luxurious suite. It refers to the relocation of data from the place of legacy infrastructure to the cloud. And for your reference, legacy infrastructure is a physical place where the company’s servers are kept. They could be offices, as an example. Keeping data that way is not reliable, and if your company is still taking the help of that method, it is better to experience the cloud platform.

There are several benefits of cloud computing:

  • Out-of-premises maintenance
  • Improved productivity
  • Suitable position among competitors
  • Decreased impact risks

AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)

To do impactful preparation for the exam, a student has to identify the knowledge gaps first. CART is a cloud application migration service that helps companies measure their general readiness before someone comes out strong on cloud migration.

AWS provides a series of questions and visualizes the cloud adoption readiness with a heatmap, chart, and report. To conclude, with the cloud adoption readiness tool, migrating can give an idea of the gaps that should be filled before transferring the data to the cloud.

BMC Discovery

With the help of BMC Discovery, one can analyze the cost, make a plan before migration, and manage all the AWS-managed support tools. BMC Discovery is an end-to-end tool that provides security testing, improves software, and works well on IT processes.


It is the tool that helps in the maintenance of the application. The functions of Turbonomic are management of stored data, management of network, and also computing resources. It helps in keeping the application’s performance at a higher level. One of the main customers of this cloud application migration service is Carhatt.


It is an automated tool that identifies any problems around performance, cloud infrastructure, or user activity. This cloud application migration service includes AIOPs for precise problem root identification. And Dynatrace also analyses the user segment. The AWS-managed support shifts detailed research and metrics on the complete stack, enabling the company to better user experience.

Attunity CloudBeam

It is one of the AWS managed support services that aim to transfer big data inside the cloud storage of AWS and Microsoft Azure. If you are looking for fast loading of data and replicating information without any major loss, go for Attunity CloudBeam. Examples of this cloud migration service are Amazon S3, Amazon RedShift, and Amazon Glacier.

TSO Logic

This cloud migration service is about finding the most cost-effective solution for the case. TSO Logic estimates your current application maintenance costs and what your future holds after commuting. It provides an analytical report on the saving budget and suggests the type of cloud best suited for your company. It has an automated system and saves time for people from doing it manually.

Final thought

Limited resources, expertise, and time constraints are different challenges that small to midsize businesses (SMBs) can accomplish. Thanks to software companies for taking this into account by building tools especially for SMBs to support their modest needs. For those to create better decisions about what to buy, above are some of the best cloud migration software.

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