• OneSignal’s platform made it exceptionally simple to send messages on each channel. For businesses to orchestrate omnichannel experiences, it brought various channels under a single platform that enhances user experience.
  • A strategic partnership with Google Cloud was announced by OneSignal last September.

OneSignal Inc., a customer engagement platform, recently announced its closing on a new strategic investment from ServiceNow Ventures. This is an extension of the recently announced USD 50 million Series C round of funding, whose amount was not revealed.

The customer engagement platform created by OneSignal allows email, SMS, web, mobile, and in-app message push notifications for marketers and developers. It is software that is designed adequately for A/B testing, analytics, tools for mapping customer journeys, empowering communications, personalization, and segmentation.

The platform is famed in the mobile sector. As per the company, it powers about 15% of the apps or about 500,000 apps listed on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

OneSignal can be used to send push notifications by mobile developers to their users. For example, an online retailer can notify users when an item is back in stock again on the shopping app. Also, there is a chance to deliver in-app notifications within a mobile service’s interface directly.

The platform offers software development kit wrappers for common Android programming languages and iOS. It also provides plugins for several prominent publishing platforms like Shopify and WordPress. With the intention of making things simpler for developers and marketers to streamline workflow, the platform has REST API endpoints to support any technical stack integration. According to the company, the segmentation tools empower users to reach their targeted audience more correctly. It includes sending personalized and most relevant messages based on user behavior, their demographics, and some other related signals.

OneSignal, in its State of Customer Messaging report of 2022, said two-thirds of surveyed organizations trust that mobile push notifications are the most powerful medium of customer engagement for their businesses. According to the same report, tailored notifications generate 259% more engagement than those that don’t contain personalized content. OneSignal thinks its platform may give marketers a significant competitive advantage because of these factors.

George Deglin, Chief Executive and co-founder of OneSignal, remarked that for businesses to maintain customer engagement, multichannel presence is a significant strategy. It can provide engagement with users, employees, buyers, and everyone who is a critical part of the company’s value chain. He added, “The investment from ServiceNow Ventures allows us to continue scaling our automated omnichannel messaging platform even further so we can integrate more use cases and expand our global footprint to help organizations engage better.”

According to the company, the funds from the recent round will be used to speed up the go-to-market initiatives of OneSignal. More attention will be given to orchestration capabilities and omnichannel messaging.

The workflow automation software provider chose OneSignal as its prime SMS and push notification provider for its Knowledge 2023 event. After this incident, ServiceNow comes with the above strategic investment, adding to OneSignal’s more than 6,000 customer list.

ServiceNow’s vice president of customer and industry workflow, Terence Cheshire, said acquiring new customers and talent retention is costly and hard for enterprises across all industries.

“OneSignal addresses both challenges with use cases that help organizations engage more effectively with internal and external stakeholders, such as employees and customers. We look forward to supporting their growth as they continue to develop innovative solutions that unlock business potential and help deliver seamless customer and employee experiences”, he said.

OneSignal wasted little time in using funds collected from the initial Series C round last September. The intention was to invest in its platform for more multichannel customer engagement capabilities. New innovations consist of the launch of Journeys, a visual workflow builder that will assist companies in creating customized user experiences.

Additionally, a strategic partnership with Google Cloud was announced by OneSignal last September. It permits marketing teams and developers to create a customer engagement experience compatible with Google Cloud’s environment with ease. Also, there is an option available to buy OneSignal services through Google Cloud Marketplace.