The mobility management space is currently going through an evolution where enterprise users are still the device based solution, from Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Such developments can confuse our understanding of the functions for each of the branch in mobility management. Enterprises initially need to decide based on the knowledge what would actually work best for the organizations, wherein it would be difficult for a business to find the right solution that would be fitting the complete need. So what needs should be fulfilled by EMM software, and why does your business need it?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the collection of different policies, tools, and even processes that can be used by the enterprises to oversee mobile devices used within the complete workforce. The collective solution is made up of MDM, Mobile Content Management (MCM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM).  Gartner recently predicted that various mobility solutions could be used to build the complete EMM suite that is being built with several technical capabilities assisting IT organizations in performing different operations, provisioning, auditing, support. MDM, MAM, Mobile Identity (MI), MCM, and Containment are seeing several factors that can be used to develop the complete mobility management system.  Gartner has continued to get and improve as there are diverse vendor approaches to manage the mobility-based life-cycle added with many focusing on identity and access, content security, and containment.

Gartner had certain conditions when it comes to building the complete EMM suite with the inclusion MDM, MAM and at least one of the following: Mobile Identity, Mobile Content Management (MCM) or other containment technologies. The most advanced technology suites will be including all different technologies that will use the dynamic marketplace; business leaders feel the pressure to remain competitive while also keep the costs down. To achieve the required goals, many organizations look to gain the benefits that the new EMM solutions can offer that provide improved device security, mobile applications, data management, and increased productivity.