Looking at the current pandemic situation, Kissflow, a business process and workflow management software company, has decided to come up with a COVID-19 self-assessment tracker. This tracker will help organizations to keep a timely check on employees for symptoms. The process is conducted by sending out a list of risk assessment questions to employees that will help to keep a check on the individual’s symptoms and provide appropriate medical care.

To fight the pandemic COVID-19, Kissflow has also decided to launch a Remote Work Readiness Survey. It is basically an app that will help businesses to understand the feasibility of allowing employees to work remotely. Through these features introduced to the digital marketplace, Kissflow equips businesses to tackle the pandemic by keeping track of the safety and working conditions of their employees. Early detection of symptoms can help businesses identify, manage, and avoid their employees from having the worst effect while retaining a primary emphasis on business continuity overall.

“COVID-19 is pushing everyone to change the way we work. Remote work will soon become the new normal. Even after this crisis is over, remote work will continue to reign. Employees will prefer to work remotely and businesses need to adapt to it,” said Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow Inc. “At Kissflow, our mission is to empower every organization on the planet by offering them all the tools they need to handle every type of work that comes their way.”

Since 2012, Kissflow’s low-code platform has helped thousands of companies to increase their productivity and streamline their processes. Kissflow Digital Workplace offers an interactive forum for companies to collaborate, manage their work, and monitor business results on a single platform. The framework incorporates the power of project management, process automation, and team collaboration in streamlining business workflows and productivity of enterprises.