Synder, the one-click convenience that saves businesses thousands of dollars every year, has achieved yet another milestone. Synder recently confirmed that its service graph for the year 2020 recorded more than 1.5 million transactions, signifying a large number of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) that are rapidly getting added to the customer base.

To deploy technology for better, smarter, and faster management of finances, Synder was launched to support business owners import PayPal, Stripe, and Square data into Xero and QuickBooks, categorize transactions, and make data available for flawless reconciliation.

Based on the advantages of business and accounting automation, the Synder app was created to deliver businesses with a tool that offers powerful automation in significant parts of finance management to provide impeccable accuracy and speed.

Synder today has a track record of saving an average of 8 hours of labor every week and USD 200 on bookkeeping services, which displays anoteworthy amount of savings every year.

Launched in 2017, Synder was primarily engineered for QuickBooks Online, and the QuickBooks Desktop and Xero followed later. Incessant updates, upgrades, and extension in production make Synder one of the best-in-class apps, and it does this by gathering and working on customer feedback.

Additionally, the perfect reconciliation of complex accounting and with a class apart customer support team, Synder now is on the way to become an irreplaceable, go-to-business accounting app.

Sync multiple payment-data accounts with a click with Synder

It seems that Synder already is on a 5-star review extravaganza, as the app has been praised and is receiving a positive response across multiple platforms such as G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and QuickBooks.

Technically, Synder is a pay-as-you-go service, designed, and engineered for businesses with a focus on simplifying the method of receiving electronic payments associated with online transactions from a variety of systems.

How does Synder operate?

Synder operates on the information received from the major online payment processors and automatically records those transactions into QuickBooks or Xero. This process saves businesses time, effort, and dollars while helping them produce error-free tax reports.

For a better experience and smooth functioning, Synder with its customer support team works closely with clients for better performance.

The Synder feature list

  • Synder app connects with Stripe, PayPal, and Square together and appropriately automates every bookkeeping transaction in one place. By offering concise and error-free tax records, the app saves a significant amount of time and money.
  • The app automatically creates, sends, and closes invoices by storing data as needed. All that clients need to do is continue to pay for goods and services while the app keeps the business books up to date.
  • Instant import of online payment information and data categorization and classification is made available. Also, the goodness of Roll Back and Duplicates Detector guarantees smooth data transfer with no or little risk of data corruption.
  • The detailed Synder reports deliver auto-tracked product inventory, discounts, locations, shipping, and multicurrency transactions.
  • Synder closes account periods with a one hundred percent accuracy rate.

The expert take

“At its core, Synder has always been about saving business owners time – time that is better spent growing their companies, rather than wrestling with accounting information,” said CEO Michael Astreiko. “The machine accuracy we achieve in our technology is nothing without our human approach to the problems we solve. This approach is reflected in our support team and allows us to build strong relationships with our clients and to grow our inner team culture – providing a unique experience that is that is unforgettable and impossible to copy.”