When you think about an application, what’s the most imperative aspect that you look for when using it? Mazy Dar the CEO of OpenFin said in a statement that it will be important if we want to improve the trading apps, they should be more like mobile apps. The incredibly simple experience to deal with the app technology makes the user use the apps with more confidence. The users download a certain app because it’s easy to use compared to the other apps and works completely on the system. For example, recently we were able to use a calendar to add appointments and book an Uber for the appointment. Most of the common apps that we use automatically have access to photos and contacts. The financial apps don’t have the instant distribution it takes months for an organization to go through various security reviews and other security challenges so that no security gaps are present on the app. To attain the interoperability across the financial desktop applications requires using a person inside the integration layer. A trader sees the pricing on a trading screen and then types the cost in the internal system to see the inventory and then go to separate CRM app to find the customers that have traded based on the stock or bond.

The OpenFin is built on the OS layer that is present on the top of Windows, Mac, and Linux it brings the phone app experience for the desktop apps. The desktop OS we use in the financial market is mostly based on the Windows 7 supporting although most of the firms are working towards upgrading to windows 10. HTML5 offers the opportunity that brings the industrial performance along with the security for the traders.  OpenFin OS uses the HTML5 to provide the desktop experience in a web browser. OpenFin exposes the APIs that allows the web app to start to look and to behave like a desktop app. It allows the windows to act like a secured system and the windowing option that assist the browser.