Tencent and semi-conductor company STMicroelectronics is all set to cooperate on Tencent’s largest IoT operation system and China’s first LoRaWAN open-source IoT Platform.

The collaboration was announced on December 20, 2019, at the Tencent Cloud IoT Ecosystem Summit, Shenzhen, China.

More about the teamwork

As per a press publication released by STMicroelectronics, the cooperation of the 2 companies is projected to facilitate simple and smooth access to a comprehensive range of software solutions offered on Tencent Cloud IoT Explorer platform to enable faster time-to-market of large-volume IoT applications.

Primarily, Tencent OS Tiny is an open-source compact IoT embedded OS. However, to simplify LoRaWAN migration and speed up time-to-market for the Chinese IoT developers, the TencentOS Tiny platform is expanded and reveals a new addition called TencentOS Tiny LoRaWAN.

As per plans, TencentOS Tiny LoRaWAN first will be made available in ST’s STM32 LoRaWAN software expansion package, which includes STM32 microcontroller software and the most recent Firmware Update Over The Air (FUOTA) specs.

More on the collaboration front—during the Tencent Cloud IoT Ecosystem Summit  2019, General Manager Tencent Cloud Network, Yachen Wang, added, “ST is the most influential MCU product partner in Tencent Cloud IoT solutions. We will work closely to serve the IoT industry, jointly expand the business ecosystem, and build the industrial IoT New situation.”

More about the collaboration

The Tencent and ST partnership will enable developers to create LoRaWAN and FUOTA nodes based on STM32 products and will allow easy access to all the necessary software components authenticated by Tencent Cloud IoT explorer in a safe, secure, and effective way to offer higher convenience and better productivity to Chinese developers and customers.