Software as a Service (SaaS) has been exciting not only for the IT industry but enterprises that are using different software solutions for daily operation. The rapid use of cloud with SaaS is drastically changing the way enterprises are seeing the rise in the business for enterprises.  To know more about such SaaS business let us know more about some of the top providers.

1. Atlassian

Atlassian over the years has seen a greater number of adoption with its offering, including Jira. Bitbucket or Confluence, many of the current major applications that have been built have used the Atlassian tools. The company believes in two ways to gain customers and have a strong brand presence the first being pricing power and second lowering the customer search costs. Around 98 percent of the customers have more than $50K with Atlassian in fiscal 2017 remained on as customers for 2018.

2. DocuSign

Every legal printed material that you send or letter or every imaginable document you send there is complete signature included into it. DocuSign is set in transforming the businesses by unblocking the signing bottleneck. They have opened the entire agreement process to automation, becoming one of the market disruptors for massive growth. The DocuSign has over 508,000 paying customers within which 18 of the top 20 global pharma companies, 7 of the top 10 tech companies and almost 10 of the top 15 global financial service companies. The company has seen compounded growth of over 44 percent over the course of the last three years and increasing the market rate that is set at $25 billion.

3. Paycom

One company that can manage everything from payroll to recruitment to retirement is all present in one software solution. Paycom’s one fundamental solution with making the lives of HR easier has led to a 90 percent retention rate year after year, revenue growth by 32 percent and expanding margins in all the new market. The company has close to $123.8 billion business.