Slack and AWS (Amazon Web Services) decided on a multiyear agreement that majorly talked about cloud services and product integration.

The partnership was freezed after Slack delivered some solid first-quarter results and increased revenue. These results covered the grounds mentioned as below:

  • Slack will transfer the Slack calls capability for all video and voice calling to Amazon Chime. AWS’ Chime Software developer kit will undertake the power audio, video, and screen sharing natively in Slack.
  • Slack plans to keep AWS among its preferred cloud provider and make use of its multiple services.
  • AWS will use Slack to conduct team meetings and communication.
  • AWS key management service will assist Slack Enterprise Key Management and control cryptographic keys.
  • Both AWS and Slack will further integrate products and be interoperable.

“The future of enterprise software will be driven by the combination of cloud services and workstream collaboration tools,” says Stewart Butterfield, CEO and Co-founder of Slack.

“Strategically partnering with AWS allows both companies to scale to meet demand and deliver enterprise-grade offerings to our customers. By integrating AWS services with Slack’s channel-based messaging platform, we’re helping teams easily and seamlessly manage their cloud infrastructure projects and launch cloud-based services without ever leaving Slack,” he said.

AWS and Slack partnership will simplify the way teams at AWS collaborate and work together.

“Together, AWS and Slack are giving developer teams the ability to collaborate and innovate faster on the front end with applications, while giving them the ability to efficiently manage their backend cloud infrastructure,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS.

“AWS customers gain a powerful new means of managing their AWS resources that will help teams collaborate and build more applications using the broadest and deepest set of cloud services. We look forward to working with Slack to expand the ways we can help our customers innovate in the cloud,” he added.

AWS has allowed Slack to scale as much as it has done for Zoom. As far as product integration is concerned, AWS and Slack said AWS chatbot would be integrated with Slack. Also, Amazon AppFlow and Slack integration will be used for transferring data between AWS services. It will put multiple slack channels and AWS tools, all in one flow.