NAG announced a Cloud HPC Migration Service, which is designed to meet the growing need for deep HPC expertise in cloud migration. The report says that NAG, a registered partner of Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, will support the customers in getting the optimal cost-to-solution. Precisely, the service will combine high-performance computing experience with a new cost optimization approach allowing users to shift HPC workload to the cloud.

There are several reasons to move to the cloud—access to a wider variety of hardware, reduced CAPEX, and more-on site support. And NAG is trusted for optimal compute power, right hardware for the job, cost performance, and more storage. It is also noted that the decision of HPC to move to the cloud has been a little slow; however, last year, Hyperion Research noted that cloud adoption has reached a “tipping point” wherein half of the workload could be moved to the cloud.

“We’re seeing a lot of clients decide that now is the right time to move HPC workloads to the cloud,” said Adrian Tate, CEO of NAG. “The access to increased variety of hardware is a great thing, but it can amplify inefficiencies which will eradicate your cost advantage. With decades of real HPC experience, up-to-date cloud credentials, and deep partnerships with the big three cloud providers, we understand the overall HPC cloud migration problem in a way that others can’t,” he added.

“Microsoft Azure HPC is a uniquely focused set of cloud solutions purpose-built for the demands of HPC. Partners like NAG, who bring genuine expertise in both HPC and cloud, are immensely valuable in helping our customers make a smooth and successful migration of their HPC workloads to the cloud,” said Nidhi Chappell, Head of HPC and amp; AI products at Microsoft Azure.

The new “NAG’s Cloud HPC Migration Service” is provided individually or through the cloud partner networks such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Additionally, the company holds a significant value in the world of cloud-based technology. The HPC and Cloud Consulting Services are highly regarded by the government, academia, and industry. And, the new Cloud HPC migration service will cater to the cloud migration challenge with none other than HPC expertise.

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