• Kyndryl Holdings Inc. has developed new professional service options that will assist businesses in developing and managing cloud applications.
  • Kyndryl Cloud Native Services is the company’s new professional service portfolio. They will help migrate on-premises software to AWS, Microsoft, and Google cloud platforms.

Kyndryl Holdings Inc. has developed new professional service options that will assist businesses in developing and managing cloud applications.

Kyndryl was a branch of IBM Corporation until November last year, when it became an independent firm. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Kyndryl employs around 90,000 workers and thousands of corporate customers, including most Fortune 100 companies.

The new professional service offerings introduced by the firm recently are referred to as the Kyndryl Cloud Native Services portfolio. They will facilitate the migration of on-premises apps to Amazon Web Services Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Google LLC cloud platforms. Kyndryl may also administer an organization’s cloud-deployed apps on its behalf.

Harish Grama, Kyndryl’s cloud global practice leader, said, “We’ve seen companies increase their use of cloud over the last few years but have had barriers to adoption – whether it’s the complexities of hybrid or multi-cloud landscapes or the lack of skills and expertise to manage their IT estates. These new services are a direct outcome of Kyndryl’s ongoing journey to expand our innovation and offerings through strategic partnerships and new technology, which we have not been able to do before.”

The services of Kyndryl assist clients in implementing cybersecurity procedures to safeguard their workloads from hacker attempts. In addition, the former IBM team can oversee the patch download process. The Kyndryl Cloud Native Services portfolio also promises to simplify various additional chores, such as automating backup operations and resolving technical concerns.

According to Kyndryl, its services use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) technologies. IaC is an infrastructure management strategy that uses automated processes to conduct essential maintenance activities. These automated routines can save administrators time and lessen the likelihood of mistakes.

Kyndryl’s new services are based on the collaborations it has formed with AWS, Microsoft, and Google’s cloud business since its separation from IBM. According to Kyndryl, its services adhere to the cloud adoption frameworks of the three cloud service providers. These frameworks outline the technical requirements that cloud environments must fulfill to guarantee that applications execute quickly and consistently.

Kyndryl published financial results for its fiscal second quarter last month. In the three months ending September 30, the company’s sales decreased 9% year-over-year to USD 4.2 billion but rose 1% in constant currency on a pro forma basis. The public cloud is integral to Kyndryl’s long-term revenue development plan.

Kyndryl secured various contracts with a total value of USD 425 million relating to its cloud provider affiliations for the six months ending on September 30. The corporation intends to increase this figure to 1 billion dollars by the end of this fiscal year. Kyndryl anticipates closing the fiscal year with sales between USD 16.3 and USD 16.5 billion.