Google Cloud is to become a strategic partner for SAP’s RISE program, which intends to accelerate migration to the cloud for the enterprise software giant’s customer base.

Under the partnership, SAP RISE customers will leverage Google Cloud’s services, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Considering the effort of SAP’s RISE (initial planning in January), the company will simplify the deployments and change into the subscription model.

Earlier enterprise customers use to customize SAP’s applications, but now they are trying to move more standard models and idealize RISE as a medium to transform business processes.

In the second-quarter earnings report, SAP claimed the momentum for the RISE program. The Google Cloud will allow customers to use multiple SAP products and services on its platform. SAP said that SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud would be there with Google Cloud.

SAP and Google launched programs to attract joint customers this year, including MSC Industrial, AES Corp, and Energizer. For instance, Energizer used the RISE program to implement SAP S/4HANA for its central finance operations.

Google Cloud generated about USD 4.63 billion in sales for the second quarter of  2021, as reported by Alphabet. That is almost 54% from USD 3 billion the year prior.

At the same time, the cloud business shared the operating loss of USD 591 million, compared to the loss of USD 1. 43 billion in 2020.

What leaders have to say

“This is a general offering relevant to all customers,” said Brian Duffy, President Cloud at SAP. “It’s not one industry specifically. Our sweet spot is ERP. This is what we do. Google Cloud is in its sweet spot. We both know where our swim lanes are and both of us are clearly listening to our customers.”

Robert Enslin, President of Google Cloud Sales at Google, said that the collaboration with SAP is about adding data management, machine learning services, and artificial intelligence on top of SAP HANA and other technologies.

“Our focus on industries is AI, big data, and ML. SAP is focused on processes. We can add value and augment some of those processes,” said Enslin. “BigQuery and SAP HANA are very complementary.”

Eslin added that the two companies have a roadmap for further development and marketing strategy. The partnership of Google Cloud and SAP will advance Google Cloud’s focus on industries.