• For most businesses, Genesys Cloud AI Experience eliminates the barrier of entry to AI by combining conversational AI, knowledge, agent assistance, predictive routing, and predictive engagement into a single solution.
  • Whether supported by a human or a bot, today’s customer service experiences are made or broken on the knowledge that powers them.

Genesys, a market leader in cloud-based experience orchestration, has unveiled its new product, Genesys Cloud AI Experience, a new solution that aims to help organizations improve customer journeys by speeding up innovation and personalization, automating tasks, and making better predictions.

With the new solution, Genesys has added to its experience orchestration capabilities. This makes it easier for companies to listen to and understand their customers and employees by ensuring that all technology, interactions, and touchpoints work together smoothly.

Genesys Cloud AI Experience now has a better ability to predict actions, automate journeys in real-time, and drive toward results. This makes it possible for any organization to orchestrate people-centered experiences at scale, which helps build long-lasting relationships.

Already faced with an uncertain business market, it’s hard for many organizations to find ways to deal with rising customer volume and their changing needs. With pressure to provide better experiences with less, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies could help. Still, many organizations are held back by old business processes, point solutions that don’t work well together, and a lack of technical resources.

Barring large companies, most businesses do not have the data scientists and resources to build and use technologies that focus on their customers and employees while still meeting business goals.

Try out orchestration on a large scale

Companies can combine real-time data and consumer signals with Genesys Cloud AI Experience to easily orchestrate and optimize proactive, tailored engagement across digital and phone touchpoints.

When AI works well in the background of every experience, customers are met with new levels of understanding and care, and employees have better tools and insights at their disposal to improve every interaction.

For most businesses, Genesys Cloud AI Experience eliminates the barrier of entry to AI by combining conversational AI, knowledge, agent assistance, predictive routing, and predictive engagement into a single solution. This makes it possible to create better customer journeys in weeks instead of months.

The solution removes the problems caused by separate systems and adds intelligence and purpose to the whole experience, from beginning to end. This helps businesses understand each customer’s unique needs at any point in their journey.

Furthermore, the solution helps organizations get more value from their data so that self-service and employee-assisted interactions can be better fine-tuned. With turnkey implementation and fast time to value, businesses have all the tools at their disposal to deliver better experiences at scale with the help of AI. Digital and self-service capabilities are included in Genesys Cloud AI Experience.

Companies can now add these features to their existing Genesys Cloud CXTM contracts or include them in a new deployment.

Research vice president, Conversational AI, IDC, Dave Schubmehl, said, “While AI and automation tools permeate throughout the customer and employee lifecycle, they are often adopted as separate point solutions that limit the ability to address consumers’ journeys holistically. Organizations that leverage the integrated AI capabilities of Genesys Cloud AI Experience are positioned to address radically different use cases in customer experience, increasing the breadth of their impact.”

Optimizing Customer Journeys using Artificial Intelligence

The newly improved components of Genesys Cloud AI Experience enable enterprises to expedite the optimization of the customer journey using the most recent AI advancements from Genesys, such as:

  • Improved digital experiences: Organizations have to undergo new pressures to satisfy and connect with customers to gain an edge in an economy dominated by the experiences you provide. The new Genesys digital bot flow builder lets companies differentiate their customer self-service experiences by using rich media, images, visual menus, added languages, and more instead of just plain text. With better digital bots, companies can give customers more engaging, visual, and conversational experiences that meet their needs better.
  • Smart knowledge:Knowledge is the lifeblood of modern customer service, whether a human or a machine supports it. Unfortunately, information frequently remains siloed. With a new consolidated workbench fueling both self-service and human-assisted service, Genesys is making it simpler for businesses to build, enrich, and teach knowledge across channels. Organizations now have cutting-edge resources for real-time customer assistance, including the ability to access photos, dynamic articles, heightened language dimensions, and increased search options. The new knowledge optimizer allows businesses to see how their material is being used and how effective it is, allowing them to identify their most valuable customer resources.
  • The openness of AI:To eliminate the “black box” approach used by many companies, Genesys added an “explainability” feature to its AI routing. This feature offers insights into factors leading to better customer outcomes across voice and digital channels. It is visualized, explained, and accessed through an easy-to-use Genesys Predictive Routing guide that points out features in its AI model via a user-friendly dashboard. This new information gives people more confidence and trust in AI models and helps them make better decisions.
  • Orchestration optimization based on AI: With embedded data services, interaction data is captured, while speech and text analytics, intent mining, and identity resolution are applied automatically. This gives organizations new information that can be used to tailor and improve their interactions with customers for better outcomes. Genesys Predictive Engagement recently added an audience size estimator that allows employees to see how their predictive strategy affects their operations and ensure they have the right resources to handle higher volumes.

Orchestration optimization based on AI said, “As a pioneer in Experience as a Service, we’re making it easier for organizations of all sizes and scale to stay ahead of changing consumers’ needs through experience orchestration. Using Genesys Cloud AI Experience, we’re giving organizations a powerful foundation to help them innovate effortlessly and wow their customers through more proactive, personalized experiences.”