The G Suite and similar collaboration tools of Google now meet a series of updates. In the past, Google already integrated G Suite’s file sharing, chat, and video tools with Gmail. This time, again, on July 15, 2020, Google announced a new set of security features for Meet and Chat. “Instead of learning another tool, we need the tools we already use to be even more helpful, and work together, in an integrated, intuitive way,” Javier Soltero, VP and amp; GM of G Suite, said in a blog post.

“We’re announcing something we’ve been working on since a little bit before I even joined Google last year: a new integrated workspace designed to bring together all the core components of communication and collaboration into a single surface that is not just about bringing these ingredients into the same pane of glass, but also realizes something greater than the sum of its parts. The degree of integration across the different modes of communication, specifically email, chat, and video calling and voice video calling along with our existing physical existing strength in collaboration,” he stated in an interview. and amp;v=4Cslvqi38eI and amp;feature=emb_logo

There are numerous enhancements to “rooms” within Chat. The room creates a shared space for individuals and teams to collaborate. It is enhanced in a way that users can access shared files and tasks directly from the rooms. Users are also allowed to create a room outside the company, helping consultants and contractors to get in. This feature also gives an option to open and co-edit the documents in rooms.

More capabilities that reduce the hustle of switching between the tools include the ability to join video calls from a chat, and the creation of a task from chat message.

For the future, there are plans to roll out new security features for a chat and meet in the coming weeks for the professionals and education customers. Also, the hosts have an opportunity to decide who can attend the chat or be present in a meeting with the use of safety locks. It will refrain the outsiders or expelled employees from joining the chat by keeping control.

Google has been responsive to the changing situations; notable is the case of the coronavirus pandemic. Looking at the increased demand for the collaboration tools during the COVID-19 crisis, Google rolled out updates for launching Meet and is making the video conferencing tool free for everyone.

As per reports, the tech giant will soon launch new “integrated workspace” features in the future.