Talkdesk—one of the leading cloud contact center solution providers, announced the arrival of new offers for businesses that need a swift and seamless way to move into the cloud. The Business Continuity program is a new plus to the various offerings of Talkdesk. The addition is acting as an aid for new and evolving businesses while responding to the issues caused due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Business Continuity solution by Talkdesk is allowing companies to move into the work-from-home environment in the quickest way possible. The adaptability and flexibility of the cloud contact center solution can be witnessed straight within 24 hours.

Talkdesk has simplified the moving to cloud platforms for companies. Considering the inactivity of traditional contact centers due to the arrival of COVID-19, the Business Continuity program will help companies to make the shift to cloud. It claims to be offering the much-needed aid for those companies that need to go remote.

The platform aims to help organizations and move them away from the rigid on-premise environment in a quick manner.

The list of solutions includes,

Talkdesk Now: The contact centers are provided with the tools needed to quickly and easily move to a remote workforce. Businesses can opt for Talkdesk Now to deploy cloud contact center solution in 24 hours or less than that.

Talkdesk Boost: This solution can easily merge with the existing on-premise tools within 15 days and elevate the working. Talkdesk Boost maintains the on-premise investments while allowing agents to work from home.

Talkdesk Mobile Agent: It brings the companies an alternative to the standard work-from-home hardware. It enables any mobile device to turn into an instrument for customer support without interrupting engagement with the customers at any point in time. This solution is available for free with every Talkdesk license, with a limit of three months.

The value of moving to cloud center solutions is quite evident during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Talkdesk’s Business Continuity solution has been built considering the changing market scenarios and to adapt to it as quickly as possible. It is nothing more than a way to accelerate the work-from-home environment in response to COVID-19 plus enhancing transition experience from the on-premises contact center into the cloud.