Data Storage software vendor Cloudian has teamed with Seagate Technology to offer a private cloud storage platform aimed towards providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and network edge workloads. The two enterprises are planning to deliver the Exabyte-scale private cloud storage on-premises that is still compatible with all the Amazon Web Services S3 storage. Cloudian specialized in the object storage platform that is compatible with the developed AWS S3 and Seagate that is a major provider of hard disk technology for consumers and enterprises. The new partnership between them has assisted them in launching a new product, Seagate has already added that S3 technology was the motivator for making the alliance.

Ken Claffey, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise data solutions at Seagate added in a statement that S3 API is now one of the major solutions that all major enterprises are seeking for cloud storage. We see tremendous opportunity in working together to assist the large enterprises to realize the complete potential of a private cloud that will deliver the required scalability and cost benefits.  Making enterprises move their data directly to the cloud, Seagate and Cloudian are betting more on the customer that they will move to the private cloud for the data-intensive jobs that involves data analytics, decision making, and edge computing could drive demand for ready access to large data sets.

Seagate and Cloudian cited IDC reports that say private clouds are now the fastest growing segment of IT hardware infrastructure with spending that is forecasted to reach 58 percent between 2018 and 2023, compared to 48 percent growth in public cloud spending and a 4 percent decline in traditional IT spending.  With affordability that includes cloud services where the storage as a service can provide scalability and flexibility both in terms of cost and time to access data in a way that traditional storage solutions actually can’t. Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme can store up to 1.5 PB in a 4U height space, providing up to 18PB of storage in a single data center rack and 83 percent greater density than competing systems.