Cloudera, the enterprise’s data cloud company today announced two upcoming edge data management software solutions designed to empower the Internet of Things (IoT) developers and architects with more powerful solutions that improve the control to gather, transport and manage data-driven insights to and from the edge. The new cloud solution will also be powered by the Cloudera Edge Management, an edge management solution for IoT and streaming data along with Cloudera flow management, high-scale data ingestion, and management solution. The edge is one of the richest and fastest-growing sources of data but with most of IoT data currently, begin unstructured. Enterprises need better tools that can analyze the data and initiate data more efficiently to drive the actionable insights to unlock the business opportunities and take actions at the source to improve the outcomes.

Vikram Makhija, GM of Data in Motion Business unit of Cloudera added that with Cloudera we are focused on delivering the enterprise data cloud solutions for customers who must deal with complex data management and analytics use cases that today span from edge to AI. The solutions that are designed by Cloudera assist the enterprise in taking advantage of the opportunity that edge offers by harnessing large volumes of complex IoT data from various sources to clear and actionable insights from them.

Cloudera Edge Management and Flow Management will be part of the new Cloudera Dataflow, an open source data in motion platform for streaming analytics that can adapt the data, curate based on requirements and analyze based on the key insights and immediate actionable intelligence. DataFlow is developed to process large volumes of real-time streaming data, lineage, and track provenance and manage edge applications and streaming sources. With DataFlow, Cloudera has already differentiated in the offering space with more options on processing and analyzing data in motion.