Cloud Guru acquired Linux Academy and is now building one of the most effective cloud computing training platforms. Both companies are working toward the mission of bringing cloud technology to everyone. The organizations together will be represented by THE, a school for the future of IT. The partnership will provide hands-on practical experience for the cloud along with daily updates on the continuous change in the technology.

The acquisition will help Cloud Guru to offer more advanced Linux Academy training programs. The combined content library will be representing the world’s largest library of content for cloud training. It will encompass various modules on machine learning, AI, big data, security, containers, DevOps, including provider-based training that will have AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Cloud Guru is promoted by the Bain Capital Tech Opportunities along with various existing investors, namely, Elephant, AirTree Ventures, and Summit Partners.

Businesses are moving to a cloud-first strategy, with the cloud services market growing at thrice the rate compared to that of the overall IT services market. Most of the enterprises aren’t prepared for the cloud transition. Nearly three-quarters of IT decision-makers believe that their organizations have lost revenue because their teams lack any type of cloud enterprise.

Cloud Guru CEO Sam Kroonenburg said in a statement that they recognized a common mission, that is, to teach the world about the cloud. The teaching doesn’t start with the learner or end with the most advanced engineers but is a mission that meets each customer’s need wherever they are in their journey. The acquisition will be bringing together complementary strengths, and now businesses will just have to focus on one tool, that is, they need to concentrate on one platform for cloud learning.  

Both organizations have already helped more than 1.5 million people learn cloud computing. Cloud Guru is currently growing at a rate of 100% and employs close to 400 team members around the world.