VMware has announced its intent to acquire the Bitnami, a provider of application packaging and delivery that assist in accelerating app delivery for multi-cloud use cases. Bitnami, a San Francisco based organization, offers the capability to deploy a multitude of applications using various library either native options or using a different type of cloud providers. The need for more significant enterprises presence and need of funding meant that the decision had to be taken to make a move said the co-founders.

Co-founders Daniel Lopez and Erica Brescia wrote in a blog post that “This was an easy decision and has to with vision that is shared for the future. Our Mission at Bitnami is making awesome software available to everyone and everywhere. To make the software accessible to the largest number of developers and users worldwide.” Over the last few years, the team has expanded the focus in assisting the enterprises to use BItnami in production often as part of migration for their applications to the cloud or during the adoption of Kubernetes. One thing that the co-founders said that they have realized as they moved to company forward was need of capital; the company was bootstrapped it meant that it was not easy for them while building the enterprises salesforce.

During many negotiations, the co-founders were pleased to know that VMware also believed in the Multi-cloud future along with Kubernetes. Both of them are large enterprises have a pool of large enterprise customers, including the cloud service providers. It will assist in building products and services that assist the companies in navigating through multi-cloud platforms and in the world of Multivendor with focus on enterprises. VMware’s said that it is committed to maintaining the deep partnership with Bitnami customers that consists of AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud. Bitnami will also be able to augment the existing effort to deliver the curated marketplace for the VMware customers that offer a complete set of applications and development.